Thursday, February 16, 2017

10 things a SMART guy would know about his girl in 30 seconds

Given a scenario a guy meets up with his partner (GF, Wifey or scandals), the APPEARANCE of that person will be noticed easily if the guy is sensitive enough or in other words, SMART enough!!hehehe....  Dear ladies, see if the list fits your loved ones...hehehe

The list :

  1. He knows if u are SUSPECTING him of sumthin' .... and he quickly, openly ask u about it directly..
  2. He knows if u are  EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE (PMS related)....and he'll let u have ur way..

  3. He knows if u are BORED with the RELATIONSHIP... and he'll try to spice it up...
  4. He knows if u feel CHALLENGED and gonna FIGHT BACK..... and he'll b reserved in his comments
  5. He knows if u are ANGRY at him... and he starts to cool u down... chill u out... and make u smile..
  6. HE knows if want u wanted him to HUG and CARESS u in his arms.... and he did just  that!
  7. He knows if u are HAPPY... and he becomes happier
  8. He knows if u are SAD... and he holds u and console u....
  9. He knows if u NEEDED HIM at that instance.... and he gave full attention to what may came out from your mouth
  10. He knows if u are HORNY! ....and he DIMs DOWN the lights!!! hehehe.....
.....did i miss a point??hikhik...

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