Thursday, February 16, 2017

22 ways to know a person LOVES u....

1. Need no reasons to love u... it shows in their eyes

2. If u ended up with somebody else... his/her importance is onty to see that u are happy...

3. Accepting who u are physically & mentally

4. Wanting to know your daily routines in case they could assist u

5. Sending text messages of greetings... even if u did not reply at all

6. On your B'day... he/she calls u to wish u... even when not invited to your party

7. He/she always remember even the smallest details of anything involves the both of u

8. He/she even remembers the words u've said.. even u've forgotten it

9. He/she will like all the songs / movies that u like... might even borrow your CDs / DVDs

10. He/she is worried sick of u being sick.

11. If u hv a test/exam/interview... at the right moment, he/she will send u a 'Good Luck' wish

12. The person will give u something that is special for them...even though it's somethin' simple for u

13. The person sometimes stutter or pause on the phone when u utter some nice loving words to 'em

14. The person don't mind spending even the whole day doing nothing as long as with u

15. He/she will always worry about the foreign places u are going or moving

16. He/she will act more of like siblings rather than common lover

17. Sometimes they do weird things like calling u or texting u in the middle of d nite.. only coz they have thoughts about u..

18. And if they became a nuisance and u tell them off... they will say sorry and stop bugging u.

19. Even u are the most stupid person in the world, if u asked them to teach u.. they'll teach with utmost patience

20. They keep your messages... or at least make your photo their HP wallpaper/DP

21. If ever u deny their existence, if it kills them.. they will disappear from your life totally

22. But when u missed them... u called upon them..  they'll b there in seconds!

Do u think anybody is doing d same exact thing to u now... or at least 70% of it? If so... u are being LOVED!! hikhik

Do have in mind. that person, might even be the ONLY person that really suitable partner and care about u...huhu

LOVE could meant just SAYANG or CINTA.... whichever suits better .

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