Thursday, February 16, 2017

40 things about women which men usually overlooked or misunderstood!!

Surely there's more.... but its already plenty of what i can sum up about women!huhu.... take note guyzzzz!

  1. Never ever praise another girl by comparing to her (she'll kill u..!)
  2. Always ensure that u don't bore them by ignoring them while playin' with your PS3, your phones, watching football...etc
  3. Alwayz make a note of the important dates such as b'days, anniversary...etc
  4. Women alwayz 'carry' their men wherever they go in their heart... while men tends to leave their heart at home! hehe
  5. At least one phone call or a text mssg to say that u miss her in a day would be suffice...
  6. Be sensitive to her needs... (or at least pretended to be...hehehe)
  7. A bit of jealousy shows love.... but too much of jealousy shows Obsession!
  8. Its okay to wait for her... but dun let her wait for u!!huhu....
  9. Eye contact! Always have eye contact wif your woman.... don't talk to her while your eyes wanders around...
  10. Always ensure u'll get ready faster than her.... women despise men who are slower than them in getting ready.
  11. Always laugh or snicker at her jokes... even it doesn't tickle your funny bone even a bit...huhu  
  12. Sincerity & loyalty is very important to women... make sure they see that in u... hikhik
  13. Give her a breather to hang out wif her gal friends... coz later she wouldn't mind u hanging out with ur friends..!!
  14. Always protect her rights against any opposition from others...! You'll be her hero.
  15. Respect women in general... she'll b so proud of u..
  16. Manage ur anger accordingly... women scared of hot-headed guys!
  17. Shopping and women are 'born' together... so dun try to stop her.. but guide her if she's a big spender...
  18. Be a gentleman... she'll be proud of u and other women will envy her... (that makes her even proud to have u..huhu)
  19. Women love surprises... surprise her! (but not by saying u hv an affair..!!hahahaha)
  20. Pay attention to d smallest things... coz it might b a BIG thing for her....
  21. Make sure u smell nice.... clean guyz are like shining diamonds to the ladies
  22. If she visits ur home... make sure its not in a mess and smelly... women hate untidiness.. .huhu
  23. Women are FORGIVERS... but not a FORGETFUL person.... be careful of your past mistakes
  24. Women hate Hypocrites.. avoid being too much of a pretender... huhu
  25. Listen to her ideas.... agree when it should be... don't go against it just coz your ego says u r better!!ngee~
  26. Never HIT a woman... It's de most undesired actions from a guy to a gurl...
  27. Don't be too emotional.... sensitive yes, but NOT too emotional in everything u do..
  28. Be careful of your EXs.... never let them 'enterframe' into your current relationship...huhu
  29. Try not to be forgetful... jot down important appointments or dates.
  30. Don't mock other women imperfect physical attributes in front of your gal (fat, short...etc)... it'll show your stupidity.
  31. Say SORRY immediately after u realizes that you've make a matter if its too small of an issue..
  32. Even if u can't dance... don't deny her offer. Juz show that u are willing to try... she'll luv u more for that...
  33. If she did not answer your calls... does not mean that she does not expect u to call... call her again!!huhu...
  34. Women don't need all the time in the world for her... a little time is enuff, as long as it is invaluably spent.
  35. Don't LIE too often... if u get caught, even the slightest lie... its gonna be HELL for u...huhu
  36. If u wanna say the magical 3 words... "I LOVE U", make sure its for REAL!!! Women are good in identifying fake notions!
  37. When they ask a question... avoid answering with only one word... elaborate!! They'll luv a good conversation..
  38. Don't get caught looking at other gals withf lust.. coz it's as good as cheating to her!!huhu...
  39. While shopping... women luv if the partners gave sum thoughts of the products... so, do give ur opinion openly ya..
  40. Women do tell their best frenz 'everything' abt u... so be aware that u could be 'watched'!! miahahaha...

LOVE them... don't stress them up!

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